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Gandan interviews De Toppers! (eng)

1. Which was your favourite song from Nationaal Songfestival? Shine? Or did you prefer another one?

We had two personal favorites, ´Shine´ and ´Angels of the Night´, these were both fantastic songs!

2. How is the feeling with Jeroen, the new entry in the group?

Jeroen is perfect as one of the Toppers. It is like nothing had changed. His voice is beautiful and his humour is the same as ours (René and Gordon) So we are delighted to have him on board.

3. What do you expect from this experience?

We are true fans of the Eurovision Song Contest and have been closely following the contest for years now. Our best memories of this event are mostly the cosy nights, when we were little boys, sitting with our family and watching the contest. With pen and notepad on their lap and a bag of crisps close to us, we awarded points to each song to compare them afterwards with the points given by the jury.
So as true fans of the contest we expect to have a great time in Moscow with lots of interviews and lots of fun!

4. Have you heard other countries' songs? What do you think about it?

Yes we have actually! We think there is going to be lots of competition from other countries. And we feel that this years entries are much better than the last few years.

5. Gordon, we saw your fashion collection. It's wonderful! Will you wear it on the stage? How will be the exhibition?

Thank you!! We will definitely wear clothing that is inspired by me. I am scouting the world for the perfect textiles to make a lasting impression in Moscow.

6. Are you planning a promotional tour all over Europe?

Yes we are, we already got interview requests from the BBC and Moldavia. We think that it is very important to da a promotional tour so that the international audience gets to know us, and we get to know the audience.

7. Have you ever been in Italy? What do you think about it?

Yes we have. It is a beautiful country with very nice people! The countryside is very diverse and beautiful.

8. What do you think about italian music?

We really love it! We all sung populair Italian songs before and we definitely will do it again in the near future. It is just beautiful.

9. Do you think there will be an Italian come back?

Yes we think this can happen. As long as the songs are beautiful you need not worry.

10. What will you do after Eurovision?

2009 is the year in which we celebrate our 5th anniversary. The year 2009 will be a special year for us; not only will we perform Toppers in Concert in the Amsterdam ArenA this summer, we will also go on a 5th anniversary cruise with lots of fans.

11. Would you like to tell something to your fans around Europe?

We all love you and we hope you will vote for our song Shine!

12. Gordon, you've admitted that Ger van de Westelaken does not exist! You wrote the song together with Bas van den Heuvel. Congratulations, it's amazing!

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it! You’re the best.

We wish you the best for the Eurovision Song Contest! We hope Europe "will shine"! Thank you so much indeed!

I would like to thank their Press Agent, Marco de Koning. He was so kind to accept my proposal about this interview.
Special thanks to IcyKla for helping me with translations.

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